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Our space offers a 3,600 square foot commissary kitchen that serves as an incubator for small, local food and beverage businesses. The kitchen offers a 25-foot-long hot line, stacked ovens, tilt skillet, and dedicated refrigerator and freezer space and is fully equipped with culinary equipment and dishware. Contact us to learn more about pricing and join our culinary community. Kitchen usage for events to be granted only to pre approved chefs and caterers.

Storage Space:

Metro racks for Dry Storage
Reach-in Refrigerators
Reach-in Freezers

All UTliTes are includeD:

Compost, Trash, Recycling


12 Burners
2 Convec+on Ovens
2 Ovens
2 Candy Burners
2 10 gallon Fryers
1 30 gallon Tilt Skillet
1 Smoker
Full Sheet Pan Dishwasher
Full array of Pots and Pans
20 Qt Hobart Mixer
5 Qt Globe Mixer
Globe 14” Slicer
VitaMixers, Blenders
Robo Coupes